TOMAR Cedar Black Limba CE


International Patent – Paris – France


TOMAR Series

Handmade in Portugal

Cut away : EQ – Tuner – Jack – Xlr

Top :  Solid Cedar

Back & Sides : Solid Black Limba

Saddle: Composite

Fretboard : Wenge

Hardware : De Luxe Golden Tuners

Finish : Mat satin

Preamp : EC-1

Light Case included

Strings : Knobloch Actives CX Carbon 400 ADC

The EC1 preamp has been designed with a single objective : a very natural sound reproduction, very balanced and rich in harmonics.

With a special bonus, an ultra precise and enlightened chromatic tuner …

There are thousands of equalizers for guitar on the market, but rare are those who do not distort the sound of the instrument, which poses problems for recording or playing on stage.

DEA Guitars EC1 equalizer has been developed and configured with the objective of reproducing as faithfully as possible the original sound of the instrument.

No low-frequency compression, no super-bright highs, but a perfect balance of low, medium, high.

Thus, when the guitarist plays amplified … he obtains the same sound as in acoustics …

Try it, you will see !  It changes everything !